Leaky Windows and Launch Dates

So, last September while on board Nikea in Greece, I decided it was high time the Achilles 24 saw the sea. She has been languishing beside the house for a staggering ten years (where does it go, etc). These days, I mostly seem to sail other peoples boats, which, by the way, is a great way to sail. But after a couple of days of pottering on board Nikea on my own, I found that I was very taken with single-handed sailing. No, I'm not planning on doing the Vendee Globe, but I do like the idea of spending a few nights on the hook in Greatmans Bay in Galway, or in Kilmurvy or even as far as Inisboffin or Westport.

So, a plan was formed. Officially the Achilles has been up for sale for most of those ten years, but boat buyers are a strange and rare breed. Particularly in a recession. They come along sporadically, and always seem to be looking for a perfect little boat, at a knock-down price. That's something we'd all love to find. Due to some leaky windows, hatches and other above-the-waterline entry points, rainwater collects in the boat. For this reason, everything which isn't bolted down (and even some things that are), were lifted out and stored in the garage and attic. This makes it harder to sell the boat because she looks less like a  boat and more like a hollowed-out fibreglass hull. So, slowly last year, and with more and more emphasis this year, the Achilles is being prepared for the water. The decks were power-hosed and theninterior was varnished. The engine is off to see the Engine Guy, and the shopping list of new parts grows ever-longer. Who knows if I will get as much single-handed sailing as I intend, but the process has started well. If nothing else, she'll be in a better shape for sale by mid-season.

I'll be keeping this blog relatively up to date on my launch activities, and it will remain to be seen if my optimistic launch date of April 26th actually happens.