I think it's too early to say that crowd-funding will really shake up independent film, but there are a lot of people (present company included) who would like to see it do just that.

With The Dead Drop, our upcoming short film at Claddagh Films, we are seeking funding through Irish site FundIt. We are attempting to secure €3,500 towards the production costs of the film. We chose this amount for several reasons. We believe we can bring the whole project in for under €5,000 so the FundIt component will cover the bulk of the cash budget, with Claddagh Films making up the difference. Also, it seemed a reasonable amount, judging by other film and television projects on the site. Only time will tell if we are successful.

Our ultimate goal would be to use crowd-funding for a component of the Green Star Liner budget. As that film has a much, much higher budget, we figured it was better to start with The Dead Drop and see how we got on.