Script Frenzy

So, another Script Frenzy is under way. I tried it last year, and I'd love to say that it ended in a feature-length script, but it didn't. It ended with a feature-length treatment, which felt just as good. There's something about a deadline which focuses the mind and helps you to get something over the finish line.

When there's all the time in the world, then we'll take all the time in the world to do "research", twitter, facebook and all the other distractions. When the script's gotta, hasta, must must must be finished by such and such a date, it's easier to sit down and write.

It's easier to put aside the distractions, the editorial "opinion" and the constant need to refine and edit on the fly.

A deadline makes us forget everything except "getting it done."

I'm still not sure if Script Frenzy is a nuisance or a truly great idea. Any thoughts?